Emily Dahl
Emily Dahl
Behind the scenes in life and at work.
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About me

My name is Emily Dahl and I am a Swedish lifestyle and fashion photographer living in Stockholm. This is my visual diary.

I might not post very frequently here, and very few may end up visiting this little sliver of the Internet. I just want a place to store all the photos that don't end up in my work process, and all little stories that comes along with them. Stories about what I enjoy doing, people and dogs that I meet, about my life and work life and about adventures I go on.  

Here are three of my favourite things, to get you in the mood: 

- the way the light dances across the floor of my studio in the afternoon

- hands that look like they were made to play the piano 

- prosecco, preferably paired with cheeseburgers

Hope you'll stay awhile. 

- Emily