Gotland for a day.

Gotland for a day.
A couple of weeks ago I landed from Berlin and fell in to bed. I slept for four hours and then took my bags and gear and jumped in to Emma's old lovable heap of a car, and off we went to Gotland. We worked on the boat, had breakfast together, and then arrived to sunny blue skies and the last sigh of Swedish Summer weather. For 24 hours we produced three separate jobs - one for Spring and two for Fall - filled with interior inspiration and fun recipes. Emma is my favorite co-worker in so many ways. She's so much like me (an extroverted introvert with an on-and-off-switch for social occasions); always in line with my energy and state of mind. Don't you just love when you find a person that you can work alongside in silence comfortably? An who can also make you burst out in laughter seconds later by singing the most ridiculous spoof song that she just made up? At the same time she is so different from me that her ideas always feel new and exciting, she challenges me in all the best ways without ever making me feel frustrated or inadequate. In other words: I adore the girl.
Here are a few photos from our first 12 hours. More later. -Emily