Change is a thing you can count on; I feel to much younger now.

Change is a thing you can count on; I feel to much younger now.
Welcome to my visual diary. Maybe you're new here, maybe you've followed me for years. Either way, I hope you'll like it here. I've taken a few weeks to fill the place up with some stuff just to make it fun. Scroll back and you'll see.
I work as a photographer, and I take approximately 500 to 4000 photos per week. I love my job because photography is my life, yet I find that most photos I take outside of work end up just sitting on my laptop. So this is where I'll put them, along with little stories. Sometimes I might share things that inspire me, or more photo theory, or tech. That's pretty much it.  I started blogging through a visual diary 11 years ago, and after a 6 month hiatus, I am now going full-circle. There will be very little text, but loads of photos. I feel that this is the way of the times, part of the zeitgeist. So if you like photography, stick around.
Here are three random things to get you in the mood:
- Helmut Newton's black and white photography of movie stars at pool parties in the Hollywood hills in the late 1970's
- the smell of gasoline (that you kinda like even though you know it's bad for you)
- every dog in the entire world
Let's end this post with some photos from my latest trip to Berlin a couple of weeks ago, because Berlin. - Emily