Feel the light on you eyelids for a while.

Feel the light on you eyelids for a while.

This is a little remaining piece from my trip to Rome a couple of weeks ago. It feel so distant now, especially since I woke up to a snowy Stockholm today. The last couple of weeks have been hard on me energywise, the darkness is too much this time of year, it's hard to imagine that there will be light again come spring. But I must say that that trip to Rome in November really helped me stay afloat. Like going through light therapy, both mentally and physically. I've decided that I will make such a trip each November mandatory from now on, for my own mental health, and to nurture my creativity. 

I did and interview (will post about it when it is out) on Friday, and got the question about where I find inspiration? I know that I have written about that before, but here are three more hands on tips on how I go about creating new experiences for myself, that free my mind for a while:

- go to a museum alone. It could be any type of museum, but preferably with a good beautiful space and not too many people around. Choose a soundtrack that you like, but that contrasts the theme of the museum, and listen to it in your headphones while you walk around. See where the clash of the two art forms take you.

- buy paint and a canvas (the cheap stuff will do) and try to paint light. Okay, so that sound pretty weird, but it is sooo good for the mind and eye. Especially if you, like me, work with light through photography. Find a window, make a still life or look at a photograph, and try to divide it in to fields of light ans shadow, and paint those fields. It is meditative, teaches you a lot about what light really looks like, and keeps you from looking at your phone or computer. 

- go to a vintage magazine shop (yes, these exist, still) and buy a stack of old fashion magazines. I favour old issues of Vogue and Elle circa 1992-1997, and read them thoroughly. I promise you'll be inspired.


Now, here's some sun. - Emily