Heading in to the weekend like.

Heading in to the weekend like.
As I am writing this it's Friday and just passed lunch. I've spent the morning editing beauty still life photos, and Emma is in her room setting up for an afternoon shoot. Blossom Dearie is playing, we're planning on opening a bottle of prosecco when the day is done, and I have a whole weekend ahead of me filled with fun. Today is a good day.
Here are a few things I bring with me into the weekend:
+ a pause from Instagram. After a week of contemplation about what it actually does for me, and trying to read up on how to work with the new damn algorithm, I've realised it's useless. And that I will probably just have to accept defeat and understand that Instagram is a thing of the past. Therefore I will have an Instagram free weekend, and just see how I feel. I'll evaluate later. 
+ embracing my weird. Just in general. I think this is always a good thing to spend one's weekend doing.
+ I recently finished GTA V, and am heading in to Assasin's Creed territory. I am excited! Also thinking about re-playing L.A. Noir, I love that game. So that's that.
+ the last couple of weeks I have reignited my love for Reddit. It really is the nicest place of the internet, I think. Or, the most genuine I should say. Reddit can be super dark too. Got caught up in some amazing /r/nosleep subs this week and love how ghost stories online (if they are good) can transgress reality so easily. Highly recommend this, and this, for example. Will spend at least one morning this weekend taking a bath while getting scared shitless.
But first: two more Christmas shoots. The last for this season. - Emily