Speaking for Profoto at the Photo Fair.
So I went on an unexpected hiatus. It mostly had to do with work, but also with loads of other stuff - like me taking almost all my free time and putting it towards finally getting my driver's license! I'm sure to write more about this later, but for now, I want to take up where I left off and show you some photos from my keynote speech for Profoto at the Stockholm Photo Fair.
I got to speak and do two demos in two days, and it was so much fun. And scary. And a huge honour. By my side I had my trusty makeup artist Loiz, and the model Amanda whom I had handpicked for the occasion as I have been wanting to photograph her for a while now.
I also shared the stage with my friend and colleague Emelie and on the first day I sat and listened to her talking about how she went from working with natural light to using speedlights (the Profoto A1). It was so much fun hearing someone having gone through the exact same things as myself with strobes, being afraid of them and assuring oneself that "strobe light is ugly" just because it's hard to handle. Nowadays I know the truth about flash: when used properly and skilfully, the viewer doesn't even notice it. (That is unless you are a light obsessed freak like yours truly, that is, ehe).
Anyways, I got on stage and spoke in length about my creative process, the Dunning-Kreuger peak and how I work with storytelling through lighting. I also talked a lot about how to work in a creative team with a model, stylist, creative director and make up artist, and how we go from idea to images. By the end I did a demo where I placed the model Amanda on a high chair and lit her different ways with Profoto B1X, the OCF beauty dish and different gels. Check out the result at the end of this post. 
It was such a blast! I hope I get to do it again sometime. Until then, maybe I should do a live on the subject on Instagram? Let me know if you want to see it! xoxo Emily