Au revoir, Paris, and hello summer.
I'm just about to run out the door to go to a shoot, but I wanted to blog this before I go. Last week Elsa hosted an event at Hotel Diplomat, launching her custom champagne bottle design that she made for Alexandre Bonnet. It was very pretty and Paris inspired, in line with Elsas taste and style. I wasn't gonna say no to hanging with girlfriends and chugging champagne before 11 a.m. so I was ofc there in a hot minute.
Not much to say for the event, other than that it was as beautifully put together as always, and I got to catch up with Sandra, Emma and lots of other people. We read up on our daily horoscopes (yay!), discussed upcoming summer plans and cheered for Elsa and her new accomplishment. The champagne was good too! I mostly just wanted to start this new season of blogging with some beautiful new photos, so here you are. Talk more very soon! 
- Emily