In the distance I see mountains.
This part of the summer already feels so distant. Like a bleached memory, a movie in the back of my head. My bf said it was the happiest time he had ever had, and I think we all felt that way. This was the middle of the roadtrip, the last week of all of us hanging together in Spain, and we made the most of it. Cooked for each other, played in the pool, went on adventures. It is such a luxury to have a bunch of close friends that get along so well, we're like a big family. No obligations to be social, to be perfect or appear in any specific way - we all just do whatever we want, respect each other's personalities and hang out. It might sound weird but I've never really had that before, not like this. Or maybe I've had it but not given myself the freedom to be a part of it, I don't know. Either way, I feel very lucky to have it now. 
On the 8th day the gang left, and it was just me, bf and the doggos. And on the 14th day we left for Paris. I'll show you all of that soon. - Emily