Kiss me through the phone.
Yesterday I went to pick up some furniture I had purchased from Elin, who owns and curates one of Stockholm best furniture and clothing stores, Swedish Nature Co. I got to know Elin while shooting her previous apartment for my agency, and I just adore her personal style and aesthetics. I could walk around in her store for ever. Anyhow, we talked about my photography and she said that she noticed how I've developed lately, that I've "found something new and exciting" and that my imagery has gone through an evolution. It's funny that she said all this (I'm paraphrasing), because many people have said this to me lately. I totally agree, but it's exciting that others notice. 
I think it has to do with three things. First, that I am more or less free from my deep and lengthy depression. This has sparked my creativity but mostly allowed me to connect with my long lost inner voice, my strength and my focus to create for me. Second, I experiment more freely. I take time to work on personal projects and execute them well. And third, I always want to develop because I know that I will never be finished learning as a photographer. Thankfully, I think I will feel like this my whole life.
On that note, I finished up with a backlog of work that I produced this spring but haven't yet had time to edit. This series may bot be as exciting in itself, but it has worked for me as a bridge towards other ideas, and I love that. The concept for this project was to interpret the fan culture amongst teenage girls in the 80's, something i am very fond of myself. I love portraying strong female characters and culture, I believe it is done far too little and I want to contribute to that. Overall I'm happy with this project, but I can see things that I would like to develop, and how I would like to push the concept much further. All in due time. But the feeling of personal growth beginning to show is so rewarding. Can't wait to see what happens next. - Emily

//Hair and makeup Loiz Blomberg // Model Julia R//