At the gates of the Magic Kingdom.
We drove from Vichy and reached Marne-la-Vallée and the area surrounding Disneyland Paris on one of our last roadtrip days. I have never been there before, but my bf used to work there and so he had decided to surprise me with a visit there. It was very luxurious to have a privat guide who could tell me all about what goes on behind the scenes. On the first day, however, we spent the evening strolling through the adjacent Disney Village, and he told me about the venues and where he used to hang out and so forth. I fell in love with the Disneyland Hotel, which is the closest hotel located just outside the gates to the park. It was so whimsical and fairytale-esque and I would love to stay there some day. The next day we entered the park and of course I brought my camera, but that will a story for another day. - Emily