Love in our time; Leo & Denise.
I don't photograph weddings anymore. I've written about that before. However, that of course meant that this, my first "wedding free year" in almost 8 years, was the year that my best friend, my dear colleague and my brother all decided to get married. These are all people whom I have - at one time or another - promised to photograph for their wedding. Luckily all three people are so close to my heart that I would have been offended, had they asked anyone else. 
First up was my best friend Leo, and his girl Denise. They got married on July 7th, and it was such an important day for me. Not only because I love them both and wanted to see them get hitched, but because I had been super involved. I helped pick out the dress, the suit, I made the floral headpiece and the bouquet. And I LOVED being their impromptu "wedding planner". I followed them close by for 28 hours, from 6 in the morning till 9 am on the following day. And so I can't show you all of my favourite photos in one post, it would be too many. Instead, here is part one. - Emily